The Company Authororities

The Management Board

Grzegorz Leszczyński - President of the Management Board

Grzegorz Leszczyński graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics with a master’s degree in Economics. He also holds a securities broker licence (No. 299). Mr Leszczyński has been involved in the Polish capital market almost since it re-emerged in the early 1990s.
He has been working for IDMSA (formerly Dom Maklerski IDM SA) since 1998 – first as the General Director, and later as the President of the Management Board.
He has extensive experience in the functioning of the capital market, in particular, in the sphere of attraction of financing for business activities, restructuring, merger, separation and capture of companies.
For several years he was a member of several Supervisory Boards (Iplex S.A., e-Fund S.A., Inventum TFI S.A., Impera capital S.A., Gaudi Managment S.A., FAM Grupa Kapitałowa S.A., Ceramika Nowa Gala S.A., City Interactive S.A. Cube Corporate Relase S.A., Mobini S.A., rajdy 4x4 S.A., Giełda praw Majątkowych Vindexus S.A., Bumech S.A., FM Bank PBP S.A., Europejski Fundusz hipoteczny S.A., A-Z Finanse S.A., OPTeam S.A., Mex Polska S.A., Bomi S.A. Maraculum S.A., Grupa Stereo S.A., Arteria S.A., KCI S.A. Mazowiecki Inkubator Technologiczny S.A., TETA S.A., Hawe S.A., Apartamenty Wilanów sp. z o.o., MCC Polska S.A., 4fun Media S.A.) he also worked in the Management Board of many companies (DM Certus sp. z o.o, Meg Art. sp. z o.o. Glob Art. sp. z o.o., Dom Inwestycyjny Bank Współpracy Europejskiej S.A., Barlickiego 5 sp. z o.o., 11 listopada 60-62 sp. z o.o., Konsorcjum Budowlano-Inwestycyjne sp. z o.o.,
May 2014 - June 2018 Electus S.A. Vice-President of the Management Board
Mr. Grzegorz Leszczynski also performs the function of Supervisory bodies of companies: Nordic Development S.A.. and CI Games S. A.


The Supervisory Board:

Adam Konopka - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Mr Adam Konopka has a higher education, has a master’s degree obtained at the Academy of Economics in Katowice.
He began his career in the company Mostostal Zabrze Holding S.A., performing the function of Deputy Director-contract in Libya, the Director of the Office of the Holding company, and then President of the Management Board. Mr. Adam Konopka also was a President of the Management Board at Zakłady Azotowe Kedzierzyn S.A. and member of the Supervisory Board companies Bumech S.A. and Instalexport S.A.
Currently exercises the functions of President of the Management Board of " AK " Investor sp. z o.o.
Also Has certificates of completion of courses: for members of supervisory board, investment advisors, business english, and Academy Strategic Leadership – Harvard Buisness School in Warsaw.
Mr. Adam Konopka has extensive experience in restructuring and renovation of companies, including companies with the participation of the State Treasury.

Krzysztof Przybylski- Member of the Supervisory Board

Mr. Krzysztof Przybylski has higher education, being a graduate of the Warsaw school of Economics in Warsaw. With capital market linked for several years, gained experience as an individual inwestor.
Mr. Krzysztof Przybylski has rich experience in the field of capital investment and attracting funds for their implementation.
According to the filed statement Mr. Krzysztof Przybylski meets the independence criteria set out in Annex II to the Recommendation of the European Commission on 15.02.2015. on the role of non-Executive Directors or members of the Supervisory Boards of stock exchange companies and the Commission of the Council.

Adam Kompowski – Member of the Supervisory Board

Mr Adam Kompowski is a graduate of the department of navigation in of Higher Sea School in Gdynia. He began his career with Polish Ocean lines as a ship captain. Also held the position of Director of Regional Sales at R. J. Reynolds Tabacco Poland,also Regional Director of Sodexho Pass International, President of the Management Board of Sodexho Pass Poland and Bonus Systems Polska S.A.

Andrzej Szostek- Member of the Supervisory Board

In the years 1981-1983 studied at the University of Legon in Accra (Ghana) faculty General Science
In the years 1983 – 1989 studied at the University of Warsaw, faculty.Maths, Informatics and Mechanics.
In the years 1990 – 1993 he held the position of Head of the chain stores AS Market
In the years 1994 – 1996 he held the position of Director of Sales in the company DMS
- successfully introduced to the Polish market, Duracell batteries, food for dogs and cats, Friskies (Nestle) candy PEZ (HAAS).
Since 1997 – still, The Chairman Of The Board Aspen Distribution Sp. z o.o.
- specializing in the import and distribution of cosmetic products in the pharmaceutical sector.
In the years 1998 – 2000 he held the position Trade Sector Managera McLane Polska where he was responsible for cooperation with Key Clients (HIT, Real, Makro, Geant, Auchan, Tesco).
In the years 2001 – 2003 he held the position of Commercial Director and Director of the Export Department in the company Drinks Unlimited, which produces the energy drink " XL Energy Drink and Warp 4 and has successfully implemented them on the Polish market.
Has a rich and diverse experience in market introduction and distribution of cosmetics, medical products and dietary supplements.

Mirosław Wierzbowski – Member of the Supervisory Board

Responsibility for the management of P& L and IPO Europejskiego Funduszu Hipotecznego SA (EFH)
- Responsibility for IPO Hercules SA
- Responsibility for IPO ViaGuara SA
- Successfully negotiate the agreement out-of-court between Pfizer a V'Guara Inc. (the name was changed to V'Guara)
- Responsibility for the development of complete business units around the world.
- He helped win the first world Bank tender on computers in China in 1997.
- Responsibility for establishing the first computer service in Japan to SUN for three months;
The operation resulted in the legwork of a contract with Toshiba that cost 280 million DOLLARS.
Many years of international expierence (17 countries in North America, Europe and In South-East Asia).


2018 - Nordic Development SA
The Chairman of the Board- Reorganization of the company

2016 – 2018 JOYA Europe, Warsaw, Poland
The President of the company,
Organized and created JOYA Europe LLC in Warsaw , Poland

2014 - 2016 M & H Spirits Inc Corona, CA USA
President, founder and CEO

2010 – 2015r. V'Guara Inc. Las Vegas, NV USA
President, founder and CEO

Developed a new brand of vodkas, such as V'Guara Flavour i V'Guara Gold

President, founder and CEO
- Responsible for the establishment and operation of the company.
- Developed financial strategies for commercial real estate.
- Led the company to IPO 2007. (
- Created and implemented Mortgage Bonds as a financial instrument.

2005 - 2008 Żurawie Wieżowe SA obecnie Herkules SA Warsaw, Poland
Founder, The Chairman of the Supervisory Board
- Led the company to IPO in december 2006 r.
- Currently, Hercules SA is the largest rental company of cranes in Central Europe.

2005 - 2008 ViaGuara SA Warsaw, Poland
The Chairman of the Supervisory Board
- Supervised and led the company to ipo on New Connect

1996 - 2008 GAP SA Warsaw, Poland

November 1991 - 1994 DELL EASTERN EUROPE DELL COMPUTER POLAND Warsaw, Poland
CEO and Chairman of the Board Dell Poland
-Responsible for the development and implementation of sales strategies and marketing in Eastern Europe.

November 1984 r. – November 1991 r. SUN MICROSYSTEMS Inc. Mountain View, Kalifornia, USA

august1990 r. – november 1991 r.
Business Development Manager in Easter Europe, Monachium, Germany
- Responsibility for establishing distribution channels for Eastern Europe
april 1987 – august 1990
Director of Customer Service Department - Serwis, Hongkong
- Responsible for managing profit and loss of Vertical Customer Service in Asia, controlling the actions of Sun Microsystem in 15 countries.

May 1986 - april 1987
Manager, international support, Mountain View, Kalifornia, USA
- responsible for providing technical support and logistics for all corporate partners and distributors, with the exception of Europe.

november 1984 - may 1986
Manager, Western Region Support Center Engineering Mountain View, Kalifornia, USA - Service Center, Hardware Support Engineering,

august 1983 - october 1984 RADIONICS, Inc Salinas, Kalifornia, USA

august 1984 r. - october 1984 r. Head of production Department

august 1983 r. - april 1984 r. The Manager Of The Service Center

January 1982 - August 1983 DIASONICS CARDIO / IMAGING, INC. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Engineer of the Reliability Department

- responsibility for addressing problems related to production lines in the field of quality, reliability, documentation, and new product development.

June 1981 - January 1982 Self-Employed Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

June 1979 r. - June 1981 r. BEEHIVE INTERNATIONAL
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Chief technician-tester / Head of production
- oversaw production line, is designed for testing computer terminals and microcomputers. Responsible for the areas of Assembly and testing. Managed Q / C .

December 1974 - June 1978 Polish Radio and TV Warsaw, Polska

Technician Service

November 1972 r. - November 1974 r. The Polish National Forces
Technician Service


Technical School Of Electronics Warsaw –Gen. Zajączka and TEWA
- title technician-electronics

Utah Technical College, Salt Lake City, Utah
- design and programming of microcomputers - finished with honors

Utah State University, Salt Lake City, Utah, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, Kalifornia
- management, Finance, marketing MBA

Andrzej Łaszkiewicz – Member of the Supervisory Board

Years 1994-1997 he conducted the own business activity under the name „Import-Export door-to-door trade in the industrial Art. "and" Lexsped Andrzej Łaszkiewicz international freight forwarding ".
active inwestor, for a year 1997 is connected with the capital market.

Does not conduct competitive activities in relation to the Company
- is not a partner in competitive in relation to the Company or the company of civil people,
- is not a member of the governing body of the capital of the company competitive to the Company
- is not entered in the Register of insolvent Debtors.