Corporate Events Calendar

Periodical Reports in 2019:

1) Single annual report for 2018 – 18.04.2018
2) Consolidated annual report for 2018 – 18.04.2018
3) Consolidated quartely report for Q1 2019 r. – 27.05.2018
3) Consolidated half-year report for the fisrt half 2019 r. – 23.09. 2019
5) Consolidated quartely report for Q3 2019 r. – 21.11.2019

The company will not send individual quarterly reports in connection with the intention to transmit consolidated quarterly reports which will be published quarterly financial data, containing information stipulated by legal acts of the Regulation. In addition, as the dominant company will send a semi-annual report due to the inclusion in the consolidated condensed semi-annual report semi-annual financial report together with the report of entity authorized to study the financial statements from consideration of this report. Using the opportunities referred in § 79 item 2 of the Regulation, the Company will not publish consolidated quarterly report for the second and last quarter of 2019.